Personal Injury

CarPlay more risky for drivers than texting or marijuana use

Residents of New York may have heard of Apple’s CarPlay interface. They may even be using it in their own cars. While the technology has its benefits, it has been found, in spite of Apple’s claim to the contrary, to raise the level of distraction among drivers. A study from IAM RoadSmart, the U.K.-based road […]

‘Manhole season’ start in New York City

As a driver, you’re used to navigating the hazards that come along with the season, particularly in spring, fall and winter. But what about “manhole season?” If you haven’t heard of this particular New York City phenomenon, keep reading. Although this problem isn’t much discussed in official circles, investigative reporters used the Freedom of Information […]

New York and the ‘No-Call’ List of Police Officers

The district attorneys of different boroughs of New York City — the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens — have now released the names of police officers that they consider problematic to call on in court. All of the officers on the so-called “no-call” lists are deemed to have “credibility problems” that make their testimony about arrests […]

Don’t Believe the Things you Hear About Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident due to another person’s willful or negligent actions, you have every reason to seek an attorney’s assistance in order to get the compensation you’re due. Yet, a lot of people hesitate to seek representation as promptly as they should. They disadvantage themselves when dealing with the other […]

Juul accused of causing nicotine addiction in minors

A 15-year-old girl’s parents have filed a lawsuit against Juul, the wildly popular e-cigarette company, for causing their daughter’s nicotine addiction. The New York couple isn’t alone. At least three such claims have also been filed in New Jersey on the behalf of other young people. All of the lawsuits essentially say the same thing: […]

Is police misconduct being shuffled ‘under the rug’ in New York?

How much do the average citizens of New York know about the police officers who are supposedly serving and protecting them? Not much, really. Just recently, the New York Police Department (NYPD) finally publicly revealed aggregate data involving police misconduct over a period of two years — but only after being pushed into doing so […]

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