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Rural roads, and what makes them so dangerous for drivers

While the urban roads of New York are dangerous enough to navigate, this does not mean drivers can relax when on rural roads. In some cases, drivers need to exercise even more caution in the countryside, and the reasons are as follows.

Rural roads pose several hazards. For example, animals from homes, which are situated close by, and wildlife in general may dart out in front of drivers and cause a crash. A lack of street lights can make nighttime driving in rural areas difficult. The roads themselves tend to be narrow, and when there are only two lanes, it raises the risk for head-on collisions and incidents where drivers run off the road.

Not only that, but reckless drivers also pose a threat in the countryside. Thinking that their chances of being caught by police are slim, drivers may speed, travel down both lanes on a two-lane road and even go out when they know they are intoxicated. Others may not wear their seatbelt.

To avoid an accident, drivers should practice what’s known as defensive driving. This means staying alert, maintaining a safe following distance and, above all, never assuming that other drivers have their safety in mind. If drivers are reckless and crash, they should know that they may not receive medical attention in a timely manner.

When crashes result in severe injuries, victims may not have all their losses covered by their insurance company. At such times, victims may be able to pursue a personal injury case, but it would be advisable to see a lawyer before moving forward with one. The lawyer may bring in investigators to find proof against the defendant, including the police report and physical evidence from the crash site. The lawyer may then negotiate for a settlement out of court.