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Diagnosis Errors

How To Begin Recovery From A Diagnosis Error

In other professions, a mistake can lead to inconvenience or extra expenses. However, in the medical field, a mistake can keep you from receiving the beneficial or lifesaving treatment you need. They can literally be a matter of life or death.

At The Pagan Law Firm, P.C., we believe that when you suffer the needless consequences of another person’s errors, you need to hold them responsible. If you have suffered because of a diagnosis error, an attorney can represent your interests and protect your rights. Our New York City office knows how challenging it can be to take on a hospital’s legal team. We know what to expect, and how to prepare accordingly.

Holding Professionals Accountable For Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but your medical providers have a duty to uphold the trust that you place in them. Doctors need to provide a standard of care that includes being extremely thorough with their diagnosis investigation. While a misdiagnosis may be a simple mistake, it’s one that can come with some heavy consequences, such as:

  • Worsened condition through neglect
  • Expensive unnecessary treatments
  • Treatments that make the illness worse
  • Emotional suffering through misdirected hope

We understand how important it is to maintain accountability, especially in a field as important as medicine. Our lawyers will fight to get you the answers you need.

Don’t Let Your Suffering Go Unanswered

If you are struggling with medical needs, you are likely in an extremely vulnerable state. When medical staff fail to do their job and endanger your wellbeing, they betray the trust you placed in them. But you don’t have to simply accept a missed diagnosis.

If you or your loved one suffered because of a misdiagnosis, let one of our lawyers fight for you. We can help you find answers and get the outcome you want for your case. Contact us via email for a free consultation, or call us at 212-967-8202.

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