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Misdiagnosis of Cancer

Was Your Cancer Diagnosed Too Late Or Not At All?

Medical professionals’ failure to diagnose cancer can lead to dire consequences. If a doctor diagnoses you with cancer and you do not actually have it, you might have to suffer through a barrage of painful and unnecessary treatments. You might also make decisions in your life that you wouldn’t normally make if you were still expecting to live a longer life.

If your doctor missed that you have cancer, you can go weeks or months without treatment. The time that doctors could have spent saving your life becomes the time that threatens it.

Here at The Pagan Law Firm, P.C., we know how crucial a correct diagnosis is, and we know how to hold those accountable who are responsible for it.

Get The Compensation You Deserve For Their Poor Action

When your medical team’s negligence costs you so much, it is only fair that you receive just compensation for your suffering. When you deserve compensation, the hospital and their insurance company will try to offer a quick settlement to make things go away. We know that this is a common tactic to avoid worse consequences later. We will work with you to make sure that they account for the full consequences of their actions in your compensation. Choose to have an experienced attorney at your side to help you reach the best possible outcome in your case.

Trust A Lawyer Who Knows How To Win This Fight

We know that no amount of money can buy back the time lost from a misdiagnosis of cancer. But you may be able to make those responsible answer for their actions, and we can help. If you or your loved one is facing the consequences of a misdiagnosis, the best first step you can take is to get a lawyer. We help New York and New Jersey residents fight back against this type of injustice, and we want to help you too.

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