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Medical Malpractice

We at The Pagan Law Firm, P.C., know how tragic a child’s injury can be. While some conditions are a result of genetics, or other natural causes, there are some that can result from the failure of a medical staff to act appropriately.

Surgical Errors

Fighting Back After A Surgical Error Undergoing surgery is a major fear for many people. We place our wellbeing or even lives into the hands of others, and we trust surgeons to do their job without any issue. Sadly, surgery-related deaths are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. At The Pagan […]

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Misdiagnosis of Cancer

Was Your Cancer Diagnosed Too Late Or Not At All? Medical professionals’ failure to diagnose cancer can lead to dire consequences. If a doctor diagnoses you with cancer and you do not actually have it, you might have to suffer through a barrage of painful and unnecessary treatments. You might also make decisions in your […]

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Diagnosis Errors

We know that no amount of money can buy back the time lost from a misdiagnosis of cancer. But you may be able to make those responsible answer for their actions, and we can help.

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Birth Injuries

We at The Pagan Law Firm, P.C., know how tragic a child’s injury can be. While some conditions are a result of genetics, or other natural causes, there are some that can result from the failure of a medical staff

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Personal Injury

We here at The Pagan Law Firm, P.C., know how hard it can be to pursue a fair compensation for your suffering and focus on recovering from your injuries. This is why we will focus on the details of the case for you, so you and your family can focus on recovering.

Fighting Back Against Police Misconduct

Given the high crime rates in the US, particularly in New York City, citizens are expected to rely on police officers to uphold the law, prevent crime, respond to emergencies, and provide support services. In addition to improving everyone’s quality of life, having police around should give us peace of mind knowing we are safe […]

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Vehicle Accidents

A motor vehicle accident threatens both your and your family’s well-being. We can help you hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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Construction Accidents

With so many contractors and subcontractors on a construction site, it can be hard to know the best route to take when seeking compensation after an injury.

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Premises Liability

Whether you are a resident or tenant of the property or simply a visitor, the law protects you from unsafe conditions that are known by the owner and/or their property representative or hazardous conditions which were created or should have been discovered by the owner and remedied.

Sidewalk Slip/Trip/Falls

The building owner can be held responsible if he/she created the dangerous condition or had notice of the dangerous condition and failed to take corrective action within a certain time.

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Building Accidents

Landlords must maintain their properties in a reasonably safe condition. If not, they may be held responsible for negligent maintenance, inspection and/or repair or even for crimes that occur in their building.

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In personal injury cases, our lawyers at The Pagan Law Firm in New York fight on behalf of our clients. We’ve established a reputation as a top personal injury law firm in the state, helping you understand your rights and pursue financial compensation through personal injury claims.

If you’ve become injured by others in a motor vehicle accident or another type of accident in New York City and want the responsible party held accountable, we can help. Our New York personal injury lawyers offer free case evaluation as a standard service for every client to make assessing your options easy.

These are the types of cases our personal injury attorneys in New York County and Westchester County have experience dealing with:

Personal Injury Lawyer for Premises Liability

Premises liability often involves dangerous conditions within a property that leads to injury. These injuries can result when negligent parties fail to perform maintenance or ensure an area is safe. Common causes for a personal injury claim in Staten Island and New York, NY often involve uneven floors, slippery surfaces, and other similar environments.

Building Accidents

Anyone within a building can be at risk for injury because of negligence. For example, someone may fall from a balcony or stairs because of a lack of signage or proper handrails. The building may have a gas leak, leading to a fire or explosion. Other cases include electrocution, faulty elevators, exposure to toxins, and more. Pursuing compensation requires professional legal assistance in New York City.

Sidewalk Slips, Trips, and Falls

It is the responsibility of the property owner to repair and maintain any sidewalks in their area. In most cases, the government or local authority can be responsible because they handle the sidewalks. A slip and fall can lead to many types of injuries, such as TBI or fractures. When you’ve been in an accident like this, a New York personal injury lawyer can help.

Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning happens over time, causing various physical and mental issues. This type of personal injury can happen because of lead-contaminated dust within a property or paint that is chipping and flaking. Poisoning can also happen when there are contaminants in the water or air. Unfortunately, it’s a slow process, so many of our injured clients aren’t aware of the damage until something serious happens. New York personal injury attorneys can help you receive compensation.

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With Many Types of Cases in New York

Apart from the types of cases above, our New York, NY law firm has also handled other types of premise liability cases throughout the years:

  • Building safety and security issues
  • Municipal liability
  • Sidewalk accidents
  • Transit accidents
  • Housing authority issues

Accident and Injury Lawyers for Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases deal with any situation causing physical damage to a person’s body. If the injuries sustained are caused by someone else’s negligence, then that person can be held accountable for medical bills and more in New York, NY.

Here are some of the types of accidents you should call the best personal injury lawyers in New York City to help you with.

Police Misconduct

We’ve all heard of cases where an abuse of power from the authorities led to physical injuries. When this happens, they must be held liable for their actions because no one is above the law, not even the police. Misconduct can lead to many injuries, in addition to mental anguish. There are even cases where the victim passed away because of brutal treatment.

Highway Accidents and Car Accidents

Highways involve fast-moving cars, and driver errors can lead to car accidents and injuries. An automobile accident in New York, NY can be caused by anything from a human error to malfunctioning vehicles or poorly maintained roads. Cases like these can get complex if there are multiple accident victims or when a large insurance company steps in to take control. We can provide legal counsel to help you negotiate and get proper compensation for damages.

Some types of car accidents are caused by mechanical failures, making the help of an experienced personal injury attorney even more valuable for your personal injury case. If your car accident was caused by a type of vehicle failure, you should call a personal injury lawyer for help.

Construction and Workplace Accidents

Construction sites and industrial spaces in New York, NY are some of the most dangerous workplaces because of the powerful machines involved. There are many ways a person could be exposed to serious harm by working there, especially if negligence is involved.

Without proper training, one can become the victim of construction site accidents or other workplace injuries. In such cases, workers’ compensation insurance and workers’ compensation benefits should help cover the cost of your injuries. You may need to follow a specific legal process to receive these benefits. A personal injury attorney from The Pagan Law Firm can help.

Personal Injury Lawyers for Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice refers to a patient’s harm or death caused by the negligence of a healthcare provider. Many complications can occur if medical professionals fail to provide the appropriate treatment or omit a step during a procedure. Substandard practices can also cause for a medical malpractice case in New York, NY.

The compensation for a medical malpractice lawsuit will include medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Here are some of the most common types of malpractice lawsuits that a personal injury law firm can help you navigate.

Failure to Perform Emergency C-Section

In some cases, natural birth is no longer an option as it endangers both the mother and child and an emergency C-section is needed to save both their lives. If there is an error in judgment, it can lead to serious injuries or even death. Many accidents can happen during birth, and we’re here to ensure victims can pursue rightful compensation.

Medication Errors

The wrong medicine can cause adverse reactions to the body, from allergies to other dangerous side effects. Apart from that, there is a good chance that the wrong prescription fails to treat the issue, causing more suffering for the victim. Doctors and pharmacists have the responsibility to provide the right medication, including proper dosage.

Nursing Malpractice

One can pursue a medical malpractice claim when a nurse fails to perform their medical duties leading to patient harm. There are many ways for it to occur, from wrong drug administration or failure to notify doctors during emergencies. In the worst-case scenario, we may even have a wrongful death case.

As your legal representatives, we’ll help determine if the cause of the malpractice was the fault of the doctor or hospital. It will determine who will need to pay for damages. From there, we can begin creating a solid personal injury lawsuit.

Oxygen Deprivation

The brain needs continuous oxygen for function. Within five minutes, brain cells could start dying if they don’t get their required oxygen. It can lead to severe damage, resulting in loss of function or wrongful death. It can happen because of issues with anesthesia, or a mistake during birth, to name a few. All of these stem back to a case of negligence. Many personal injury victims come to us because of oxygen deprivation cases.

Failure to Diagnose Cancer

A medical professional is responsible for identifying or treating cancer in a patient. Early treatment is necessary to improve the patient’s chance of survival since there is a critical timeframe in which the disease is treatable before it becomes terminal. Those who have suffered serious injury because of this failure should seek the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Birth Injuries

Some errors during childbirth are preventable, but happen even though there was enough reason to avoid them. If you or a loved one is a victim of this, you may be eligible for financial compensation. These cases often result in high payouts because of the potential harm the damages could bring to a child’s development.

Other Medical Injury Types

These are only a few of the many cases we’ve handled at The Pagan Law Firm. We pursue compensation for other types of medical errors, such as:

  • Surgical errors
  • Protracted labor
  • Postpartum hemorrhage
  • Hysterectomy
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Post-operative infection
  • And many more

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Becoming a victim of someone else’s negligence in a car accident, workplace accident, or another type of incident can make it difficult for you to go about your regular life. Seeking legal action may seem like too much hassle while dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic injury. You don’t have to go it alone, though. Leave the challenging legal aspects of your personal injury claim to us while you focus on recovering and receiving appropriate medical treatment.

At The Pagan Law Firm, we’ll take care of the bulk of the legal work. We have experienced trial lawyers who have successfully represented clients in liability claims, wrongful death lawsuits, fall accidents, premises liability claims, and personal injury claims.

If you’re looking for help, schedule a free initial consultation with us or visit our New York City office. Having an attorney improves the chances of getting maximum compensation.

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