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man in handcuffs

Police Brutality Laws: Know Your Rights About False Arrests

Almost every month, we see news of police officers abusing their authority. The situation underwent international scrutiny during the George Floyd protests a couple of years ago, but police misconduct and brutality have been happening for much longer. Unfortunately, sometimes the people meant to protect citizens are the ones acting with excessive force and harming […]

Ways to avoid mistakes in the operating room

If you have had surgery, it can be quite a stressful experience to know that you will have anesthesia and a doctor operate on you. While a surgical procedure is not always something to look forward to, it is often necessary for a person’s health. You trusted that your doctor would provide the care you […]

Racism tied to rising maternal death rates

Something is going wrong in America when it comes to the health care services provided to pregnant women and new mothers — and many people think that racism is partially at fault. Maternal mortality rates have been dropping all over the world — except in the United States. Here, they’ve been steadily increasing — particularly […]

What is behind the rise in pedestrian accidents?

Fatal car accidents are on the decline. In 2018, almost 36,600 people died in a car accident, but that rate is 2.4% lower than the rate in 2017. Advancements in technology, coupled with public awareness campaigns about intoxicated driving, speeding and other risky driver behavior, have all contributed to the reduction. However, that is only […]

Be especially cautious at New York intersections

Have you experienced the fright of stepping into a crosswalk only to have to jump back onto the curb when a car comes barreling past? Those kinds of close calls happen all the time in New York. If you’re the one behind the wheel, you’re obligated to be on the lookout for nearby pedestrians. Intersections […]

Identifying a birth injury

When you hear the words “birth injury,” most people assume that the injuries are obvious immediately after the baby is born. But that’s not always so. Here’s what parents need to know about birth injuries: 1. The possibility of a birth injury starts during pregnancy. There are warning signs during pregnancy that a birth injury […]