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In New York City, accidents happen on a daily basis. And if it weren’t for someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, many of these tragedies would never have taken place. Personal injury victims may have to deal with physical, psychological, and financial hardships for months or even years after the accident.

If you or your loved one has suffered harm because of another’s carelessness, pursuing a personal injury lawsuit may be the best way to seek compensation for your damages. At The Pagan Law Firm, our experienced New York personal injury lawyers are committed to providing you with the legal guidance you need throughout your recovery. Each client’s case is unique, and we do everything in our power to meet their needs to the fullest.

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Personal Injury Law in New York

Also known as tort law, personal injury law applies when another person’s negligence or the purposeful actions of another cause harm to a person’s physical health, mental well-being, or even emotions. You have the right to sue the person or organization responsible for your injuries in civil court.

By filing a claim, all existing and future losses resulting from the accident can be compensated. The Pagan Law Firm’s seasoned personal injury lawyers can provide further information about your case in a free consultation.

Common Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Finding a New York attorney specializing in a certain area within the vast field of personal injury can be a daunting task for anyone looking for representation. The good news is that The Pagan Law Firm handles a wide range of personal injury cases, including the following:  

Medical Malpractice

Mistakes committed by a physician or other medical practitioner that result in injury or wrongful death are referred to as medical malpractice. In certain cases, it’s the fault of the nurse, doctor, or other members of the healthcare staff who caused the accident. Cases involving nursing home negligence and birth injuries are two common instances of medical malpractice.

Construction Accidents

Construction projects pose many threats to construction employees and the public. Many construction jobs need workers to move heavy objects, operate machines, or do difficult tasks at heights, which can put them in harm’s way.  Common injuries in construction site accidents include burns, electrocutions, fractured bones, lacerations, and head and traumatic brain injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Auto accidents are rising in the United States as more people take to the roads. Those hurt in a car accident may be entitled to compensation for their medical treatment and any property damage they’ve suffered.

Workplace Accidents

Injuries at work can be unpleasant, but workers’ compensation benefits protect workers’ wallets from the financial implications of an accident. Your rights to workers’ compensation payments are protected if your company has coverage in place. The Pagan Law Firm is here to help if your benefits are denied.

Wrongful Death

The agony of losing loved ones—particularly when their demise could have been avoided—is unlike anything else. Our goal is to help you hold the negligent person accountable for their actions if you have lost a loved one due to their recklessness. You can’t undo the harm they’ve done, but seeking compensation can help you recoup your financial losses and go on with your life.

Determining Whether You Have a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury claims in New York can be justified if all four of the following elements are present:

Duty of Care

Since people are generally expected to avoid harming others, this is the most straightforward component of the case to prove in most situations.

Breach of Duty of Care

To establish that the other side failed to fulfill this commitment, it is your responsibility to produce evidence to support your claim.


If the other party was negligent and you were injured, it’s not enough to say that you were hurt. Make sure you can prove a causal link.


Your injuries must have caused real, quantifiable losses for you to receive compensation.

What New York Personal Injury Attorneys Can Do For You

The legal process of submitting claims, gathering evidence, and putting together a persuasive case can be daunting. Having a personal injury lawyer from our firm on your side means you won’t have to worry about how your case is handled. The Pagan Law Firm knows exactly what it takes to win you the compensation you deserve.

Here are a few examples of what your personal injury attorney can do for you:

  • Carefully listen to your narrative of the accident
  • Collect valuable evidence to back up your case
  • Evaluate all your losses and determine how much they are worth
  • Develop a strong case against the negligent party
  • Notify the responsible parties and process case-related documents
  • Negotiate on your behalf, as well as handle all other interactions

Damages a New York Personal Injury Lawyer Can Fight for

You may be entitled to various damages based on the severity of your injuries and any losses you’ve suffered. Consulting The Pagan Law Firm is the best way to determine exactly how much compensation you may be entitled to in the wake of your accident.

Here are some of the damages that may be covered by a settlement or verdict for your claim:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of companionship

Additionally, you may be eligible for other awards. With your cooperation, our personal injury attorneys will figure out how the accident has affected your daily life and financial security. Our legal team is ready to go to court if the negligent party’s insurance company doesn’t agree to a fair settlement for your injuries.

Beginning The Road To Recovery From A Personal Injury

Being injured because of someone else’s negligence does not only hurt you, but your loved ones as well. In addition to your own pain and suffering, the financial strain of medical bills, lost wages, emotional stress and fatigue can put you and your family in a very difficult position.

We here at The Pagan Law Firm, P.C., know how hard it can be to pursue a fair compensation for your suffering and focus on recovering from your injuries. This is why we will focus on the details of the case for you, so you and your family can focus on recovering.

We Will Not Let Insurance Companies Take Advantage Of You

You might think that insurance companies are more than willing to pay you what you need to recover from your injury, but this is rarely the case. Like any other business, the goal of an insurance company is to earn as much money as possible. This means that they are looking to pay out the minimum amount possible. We know that the common strategy for insurance companies is to offer you a quick and small initial offer, hoping that you take the small amount, and drop the issue. Our lawyers will fight to earn you the maximum possible compensation for your injury.

Get An Aggressive Attorney To Fight For Your Recovery

We are known for our tough practice and that we are available to our clients 24/7. We have secured millions of dollars for our clients by fighting hard for the justice they deserve. We are based in New York City, and we want to help you recover.

If you or your loved one has suffered due to the negligent behavior of another, call at 212-967-8202 for a free consultation today, or send us a message online.

Count on Our New York Personal Injury Law Firm to Help You Win Your Case

Injuries inflicted by someone else’s carelessness not only affect you but also your loved ones. An accident places you in a financially and emotionally stressful situation due to your medical expenses, lost earnings, emotional anguish, and pain and suffering. It might be difficult to get the compensation you deserve while focusing on healing from your injuries, which is why The Pagan Law Firm is here to help. We’ll take care of the specifics of your personal injury case so that you and your loved ones can focus on recovery. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation today.

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