Police Misconduct

A vivid display of a police car's siren light illuminating the surroundings with vibrant flashes of red and blue.

Police Misconduct Leads to Wrongful Convictions

Law enforcement officers are sworn to defend the public and uphold the safety of civilians. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and many people find themselves a victim of police misconduct. Out of the countless victims of false convictions, the case of Sandra “Sandy” Hemme is one of the most notable. In 1980, Sandra Hemme […]

A sharply dressed man intently interrogating another male, both seated at a wooden table, engaged in a tense conversation.

Protect Yourself From Coerced Confessions With The Pagan Law Firm

It can be hard to imagine why someone might admit to a crime they did not commit. However, 27% of exoneration cases involve false or coerced confessions. Confessions are often used as solid evidence of guilt, although criminal defendants are guaranteed the right not to incriminate themselves. Even if they are true, confessions obtained by […]

man getting arrested on the ground by a police officer.

What is Excessive Force and When is it Considered Police Misconduct?

New York City police and law enforcement officers are in charge of maintaining the law and protecting citizens. In the course of their police duties, the New York City police department is given a wide range of power and authority. With different cases and crimes happening in the City, local people and tourists should feel […]

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