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wrongly diagnosed with cancer

What Is My Misdiagnosis of Cancer Case Worth?

Named the third leading cause of death in the United States in 2019, misdiagnosis is more common than many once thought. According to CNN Health, 1 in 18 patients is wrongly diagnosed daily. Misdiagnosis of any disease leads to greater emotional turmoil and unnecessary financial burden. In December 2022, the U.S. Department of Health released […]

police neglect law firm

Can I Sue the NYPD for Unlawful Search and Seizure?

It is the primary duty of a police officer to ensure safety and protect citizens. However, with the alarming increase in police brutality cases, the trust many citizens have in our law enforcers is starting to waver. Police brutality is an evident sign of power abuse, and officers can demonstrate this by conducting unwarranted searches […]

damages pain and suffering

Calculating Pain and Suffering in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury happens when someone suffers an injury because of another party’s negligence. The victim can file a claim or a lawsuit to recover damages, which can come in various forms. One of these is pain and suffering, and it’s meant to compensate for the more intangible effects of an injury. Given that this is […]

what to do after construction site injury

What Are OSHA’s Fatal Four Hazards in Construction?

Construction workers are essential for the success of a construction business. However, being a construction worker is not easy; you are forced to get used to risky working conditions where the sites are full of hazards, including heights and heavy machines. There are many safety precautions in place to protect workers from these dangerous conditions, […]

landlord premises liability

Landlord Premises Liability: Are Landlords Liable for Building Accidents?

Accidents can happen in any building, sometimes leading to severe injuries and even fatalities. But who is responsible if an accident occurs in a rental property? Does the landlord have any liability when it comes to premises accidents? Landlords are responsible for keeping their property safe, meaning they must repair dangerous conditions or warn tenants […]

negligence in healthcare

How Can Negligence in Healthcare Lead to Newborn Seizures?

No family wants to experience medical negligence that can cause an unnecessary newborn seizure. As a parent, you only want your baby to receive proper medical treatment from medical professionals—nothing more, nothing less. However, medical malpractice can happen to anyone. Suppose you and your family are the victims of medical negligence due to a healthcare […]