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Medical Malpractice

Can bad handwriting cause medical errors?

There are many jokes about bad doctor’s handwriting, but when that same handwriting leads to mistakes and errors, it becomes less funny. According to Stethoscope Magazine, bad handwriting can lead to various issues that result in patient injury and death. Misunderstandings When doctors handwrite orders, they may be hard to read. It is too easy […]

What are the risks of shoulder dystocia?

Birth injuries generally occur before, during or after labor, and often happen due to mistakes made by the medical staff on hand. Shoulder dystocia is an example of one of these potential mistakes leading to injury. This injury happens during labor or delivery and can severely impact both the mother and child. But how common […]

Is nursing staff exhaustion getting worse?

For years, the combination of overworked staff and understaffed hospitals has plagued the medical industry across the country. The demand for medical care is simply higher than the number of workers available, which causes immeasurable problems for staff and patients alike. But has this trend started to ease at all in recent times? Or are […]

Drug diversion creates serious risks for patients

Drug diversion, or the act of a health care professional taking prescription drugs meant for patients and using them personally, is a growing problem in hospitals and other health care settings across New York and the nation. Drug diversion involving opioids is especially problematic. When doctors, nurses and others treat patients while under the influence […]

Birth asphyxia may lead to long-term complications

When you prepare to give birth in New York, you likely put a good deal of faith in your doctor and medical team, trusting these professionals to deliver your healthy baby. However, certain circumstances and medical mistakes have the potential to cause something called birth asphyxia. Birth asphyxia is a condition that results when an […]

Understanding never events

When you hear stories of people suffering from medical errors, you likely assume that such errors typically equate to small judgment mistakes that (while wrong) might even be understandable when considering the complexity of the profession. Indeed, many such cases are just that. There are, however, instances where you would think that avoiding a mistake […]