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Medical Malpractice

The dangers of medication errors and how to prevent them

Errors regarding medication are common, and they are also preventable. Medication errors can occur in many ways, and they result in adverse reactions and even death. There are various ways to prevent an error from occurring, and they can happen at different stages of the prescribing and dispensing processes. Dangers of, and the types of, […]

The potential problems posed by heuristics in healthcare

News of people pursuing claims of medical malpractice against a clinician in New York is not uncommon. Even still, those who come to us here at The Pagan Law Firm, P.C. after suffering from a doctor or surgeon’s error typically express shock at such an event. This comes from the almost automatic respect bestowed on […]

What must you prove to win a medical malpractice lawsuit?

When your doctor, dentist or other health care professional injures you or leaves you sicker than you were when you sought his or her medical intervention, you can sue for medical malpractice. But what must you prove in order to win your lawsuit? FindLaw explains that the majority of medical malpractice plaintiffs sue under the […]

What are the four elements of medical malpractice?

When you try to take a case to court, you need to understand how the law works in your case. To provide proper proof, the law will require you to show evidence for the different elements of the proposed broken law or issue. The National Center for Biotechnology Information explains there are four elements needed […]

What causes doctors to misdiagnose strokes?

A doctor misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose you with a disease or ailment that you have could be dangerous to your health. You may need timely treatment to deal with a potentially life-threatening situation such as a stroke. If you suffer a mild stroke, you should know what has happened to you so you can […]

What is meconium aspiration?

If an infant’s birth takes place after the expected due date, it increases the risk for meconium aspiration, a leading cause of severe illness in newborns that can result in death. Meconium is a medical term for an infant’s first feces. It usually does not pass until after the baby’s birth, but sometimes it passes […]