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What do you know about making the most of your doctor’s visits?

Perhaps you heard horror stories about wrong-site surgeries, misdiagnoses and pharmacists giving patients the wrong prescription. You do not want to become a statistic or medical malpractice victim, so you want to learn how to advocate for yourself.

WebMD offers insights for making every second with your doctor count. Learn how to look out for your interests and have a deeper connection with your doctor.

Get clear, and practice honesty

If you have symptoms you want to talk with your physician about, explain them carefully and clearly during your appointment. You want your medical team to have as much information as possible to take great care of you.

While explaining your symptoms and during the rest of your appointment, do not lie or fudge the truth. Tell the truth about how often you exercise, whether you smoke and the foods you eat.


Just as you expect your doctor to listen to you, do the same when your doctor speaks to you. By listening carefully, you comprehend your doctor’s responses, which makes it easy to ask questions if you do not understand something.

Another reason to listen up during doctor’s visits is so you understand your options for medical procedures, medications and medical treatment. You may have reservations about some options and want to know about alternatives.

Ask questions

If your doctor says something you do not understand, ask questions. Medical professionals sometimes lapse into medical jargon patients may not understand. One of the most favorable ways to take care of your health is to comprehend your medical condition and options fully.

Preparation goes a long way in heading off avoidable medical disasters. When you maximize your time with your doctor, you maximize your health and protect your legal rights.