The worst intersections for cyclists in the Big Apple identified

Are you a cyclist in New York City? Whether you bike for the health benefits, can’t afford the price of keeping a car in the city, don’t like the hassle of fighting traffic or are concerned about your carbon footprint, you aren’t alone. Bicycles are a common sight all over the nation, especially in urban areas.

Unfortunately, a lot of vehicle drivers still don’t know how to share the road with cyclists. Partially, it’s a lack of experience — having a lot of bike riders around is a relatively new thing for some drivers. It may also have to do with the same old problems that cause other kinds of accidents: excessive speed, distracted driving and rushing through red lights to avoid stopping at intersections.

Some intersections in New York City are distinctly more dangerous than others, according to a recent report. Here are some of the worst:

  • The intersection between West 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. This spot has seen 21 injuries and at least one death in the last five years. The added risk to cyclists is because it is a main route for delivery vehicles due to its width.
  • The intersection of Jay Street and Tillary Street in Brooklyn. This is another well-known danger spot for cyclists. At least 20 have been injured in the same period. According to experts, the high level of traffic coming on and off the local bridges may account for the danger.
  • The Atlantic Avenue and Bedford Avenue intersection in Crown Heights. This spot was tied with the intersection mentioned above for danger. City planners say that the problem with that intersection is that the bike lane is neither protected nor separated.

Cyclists have been calling for changes to increase their safety for years — and city planners say that they’re taking the challenge seriously. They hope to make the roads safer for cyclists through a combination of changes that will help make the entire city friendlier for bikes.

If you are injured in a bicycle accident with a negligent driver, it’s important to understand that you may have the right to compensation for your injuries. Find out more by talking to an experienced attorney.

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