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How long should doctors spend with patients?

You understand that there are several things that make you unique and distinct from anyone else in New York. Knowing this, you also likely comprehend that your medical care will unlikely be exactly like that of someone else (even if that “someone else” suffers from the same or a similar condition).

However, standards of care exist in medicine that help dictates what a doctor should do in order to provide the best possible care. The minimum baseline of each includes giving you enough time and attention to identify and diagnose your injury or ailment (and come up with a care plan to address it.

Average doctor visit times in America

Just how long is that? Again, the answer may vary depending on your condition or the location where your doctor renders care. For example, you might expect to see and talk with your doctor more if you seek treatment at a local emergency department than you would during a routine annual visit. Still, some standards regarding visit times do exist. Indeed, according to the website HealthDay.com, the average doctor visit in the U.S. lasts just more than 18 minutes.

What should a doctor’s visit entail?

Is 18 minutes enough time? During your visit, your doctor must assess your medical history, perform a thorough review of your body’s vital systems, and then diagnose your problem and come up with a treatment plan. It is true that your doctor may be in the room with you for each of these steps, yet even still, the time needed to get you in and out the door should not factor into your care. Instead, you understand your care plan and knowing what you need to do to improve should be. Should you suffer because your doctor did not respect this, you may have a good case for a liability claim.