How can forceps delivery cause birth injuries?

During the birth of your child, you may have noticed the doctor using forceps on you and your baby to assist with delivery.

This instrument is often only used once a mother has pushed for a while already, and it can be improperly used. If you noticed various health concerns after or during delivery, it could signal that medical malpractice occurred.

Ruptures and tears

According to the Mayo Clinic, one common sign of malpractice is the presence of tears in your lower genital tract. In some cases, you may have pain sitting or standing, especially if you notice problems with your pelvic organs.

Uterine rupturing can also cause long-term health issues. This occurs when the forceps tear the uterine wall, which leads to complications with your abdominal cavity.

Bladder issues

Your bladder and urethra are often affected by any health complications with forceps. Struggling to fully empty your bladder or feeling pain while urinating can both be signs of this problem.

Often, this pain is coming from a tear during the procedure, which could go unnoticed directly after delivery. If a doctor applies too much pressure or incorrectly uses forceps, it could worsen the problem.

Infant facial injuries

Malpractice affects not only you but your child as well. An infant may have some eye trauma or skull injuries after birth. Signs of these issues typically show up on the baby’s face externally, although there is a likelihood of seizures or internal bleeding occurring as well.

A forceps delivery is a serious procedure, and medical malpractice can increase the likelihood of these health complications happening.

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