The Dangers of a Delayed C-Section in New York

Approximately thirty percent of all United States births are via Caesarian Section (C-Section). Some of those C-Sections are planned. For example, if a woman has previously given birth by C-Section or a baby is breach then a doctor may schedule a Caesarian Section even before the woman goes into labor.

However, some C-Sections are not planned, but are equally necessary. Sometimes the need for a C-Section does not present itself until a woman is already in labor and the mother is in danger or the baby is showing signs of fetal distress. It is often the delay in these types of C-Sections that creates dangerous situations.

Why a Delay?

Our New York delayed C-Section lawyers find that the failure to perform a timely Caesarian Section is often caused by:
  • The failure to recognize that the baby is in fetal distress
  • The failure to closely monitor the mother and child during late pregnancy and labor
  • The failure of the hospital or doctor to secure an operating room and perform the procedure quickly enough

What Types of Birth Injuries Can Result From a Delayed C- Section?

There is a wide range of delayed C-Section birth injuries. The worst-case scenario is that the delay kills the baby. Short of that, the child may suffer a permanent brain injury, such as cerebral palsy, from a lack of oxygen, or a permanent disability such as Erb's Palsy from a difficult delivery.

Contact a New York Birth Injury Attorney for More Information

If your child has suffered a birth injury because of the failure to perform a C-section or a delay in performing an emergency C-section, then your child may be entitled to damages. We encourage you to contact a Manhattan birth injury lawyer at The Pagan Law Firm if your child was hurt by the delay of a C-Section in New York or New Jersey. We can be reached at 1-800-PAGAN-911 or via our online contact form for more information.

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