www.ThePaganLawFirm.com Expecting mothers are supposed to prepare the nursery not prepare for their infant to be born with a birth injury.  Although birth injuries are never something expecting parents plan for, every parent should be aware of the common birth injury symptoms. Watch an experienced New York birth injury lawyer explain in this video what signs you should look out for.

After you hold your baby and welcome your newborn into this world, check your infant over for any injuries.  Look for broken blood vessels in the eye and cuts, bruising, or bone fractures to the body. Also, look to see if there is normal facial movement and if your infant’s arms are limp, which could be signs of cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a common birth injury that generally could have been prevented during the labor and delivery process.  If you suspect your baby suffered a birth injury in New Jersey or New York, then you need to speak with an experienced New York birth injury attorney today.

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