Prescription Errors

Prescription errors pose serious and deadly results. Patients that rely on what certain prescriptions provide them with are instead given prescriptions errors and end up taking things completely unintended. A source for many medical malpractice lawsuits, prescription errors occur frighteningly often.

A 1999 report found that prescription errors are responsible for 44,000-90,000 deaths every year. Many prescription errors are simply due to illegible handwriting. The deaths and serious health conditions occurring because of prescriptions errors continue to devastate families and patients, and the losses experienced because of prescription errors can be extensive.

Prescription errors lawyers can recover damages sustained. Often times, people do not realize how great an impact prescription errors will have on their lives until it is too late. Waiting to file prescription errors claims will result in the loss of compensation able to be collected. In the event you are unsure of whether or not prescription errors have been experienced it is advised to contact a lawyer to learn your legal rights and options.

Most prescription errors are due to the wrong dosage given. Either too much or too little of a necessary prescription can cause serious health effects. If you have experienced prescription errors you are advised to contact us to confer with a prescription errors lawyer.

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