Post-Operative Infection

Postoperative infections affect around 5% of people who undergo surgical procedures. When patients experience postoperative infections the results can be damaging. Not only do postoperative infections end up costing patients increased medical bills, but the postoperative infections slow down patient recovery time and put patients at risk for increased health effects.

There are simple ways of significantly reducing the risk of postoperative infections. Simply administering antibiotics in a timely manner will decrease the risk of patients experiencing postoperative infections. Postoperative infections cost patients more than they realize in many instances. In addition to increased medical conditions due to the postoperative infections, the patients will experience lengthier hospital stays and incur a much larger medical bill.

Postoperative infections will increase hospital bills, but also can cost a loss in salary in benefits due to the missed workdays. The healthcare system as a whole suffers a billion additional dollars every year because of postoperative infections. By simply taking precaution with patients by taking the proper procedures to avoid postoperative infections, both the patient and medical staff will be more pleased with the surgical outcome.

Your postoperative infections lawyer will recover damages experienced. For more information on postoperative infections contact us to confer with a postoperative infections lawyer.

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