New Law Passed Regarding New York City Bicycle Statistics

Posted on Mar 08, 2011

Last month, Mayor Bloomberg signed important legislation that will require New York City to collect bicycle accident data. Currently, the City is not required to collect information regarding New York City bicycle accidents. However, the new law will require the City to compile statistics regarding bicycle accidents with motor vehicles, pedestrians, and other bicyclists and to keep track of the injuries and fatalities that result from those crashes.

Part of the reason for the legislation stemmed from an April 2009 bicycle accident that killed a 50 year old husband and father of 12 year old twins. On April 28, 2009 Stuart Gruskin was walking on West 43rd Street in Manhattan. Before he crossed the street, he looked in the direction of the motor vehicle traffic and saw nothing coming. He entered the road and was hit by a bicycle delivery person who was driving the wrong way down the one way street. Mr. Gruskin fell and hit his head. He suffered a significant brain injury and was taken to Weill Cornell Medical Center. He died three days later.

His wife, relatives, and friends have worked hard to increase pedestrian and bicyclist safety and this legislation is important to that cause and to the safety of New York City pedestrians and bicyclists.

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