Frightening Fall From FDR Drive

Posted on Aug 06, 2011

Atif Raza has only been driving a New York City cab part-time for three months but even the most experienced cabbies could not have expected the type of accident that Mr. Raza was lucky enough to live through on Saturday, July 16.

Mr. Raza was stopped a red light when an SUV flew off of FDR Drive and fell approximately 20 feet onto his cab, which was flattened. The force of the impact caused the car to drag the cab about 150 feet on the service road near East 23rd Street feet before stopping.

Amazingly, nobody was killed at the scene of the accident. A total of eight people were involved in this New York crash, including Mr. Raza and 7 people in the SUV. All eight people were taken to Bellevue Hospital and at least two people were listed in critical condition.

According to reports of the accident, the SUV was driven by 38-year-old Eric Bryant of New York City. Mr. Bryant passed a breathalyzer test and the cause of this crash remains under investigation. Mr. Bryant allegedly lost an ear in this crash and one of his passenger's legs had to be amputated.

We wish everyone involved in this New York car accident a fast and easy recovery.

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