13-Year-Old Hero Saves the Lives of Brooklyn Children

Posted on Aug 16, 2011

The night of Saturday July 31, 2011 started like any other summer evening for 13-year-old Kira Goddard and her friends. The kids were hanging out outside of their Brooklyn building, located at 2025 Pacific Street in Brownsville, talking and playing games like they usually did. However, this night did not end like all of the summer nights the friends had enjoyed together. This night ended with Kira's death.

Sometime around 10 p.m. Kira noticed a car sideswipe three parked vehicles and starting yelling at her friends and her younger sister to run. All of the other kids got back inside their building, but Kira did not. Kira was allegedly pinned between her home and a Range Rover driven by 44-year-old Sean Lewis.  Kira was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

Mr. Lewis was taken to Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center where he died following this Brooklyn car accident. He allegedly had a stab wound in his torso and head wounds from the accident.

We extend our sincerest condolences the friends and relatives of Kira Goddard and Sean Lewis following this tragic New York City accident and we commend Kira Goddard - the 13-year-old hero who may have saved many lives with her quick thinking and selfless act.

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