Safety Equipment for New York Construction Workers

The use of protective clothing and safety equipment is one way to prevent and/or reduce the risk of serious injury at a worksite. Guidelines exist that require the head of each agency and/or employer to acquire, maintain, and require the use of approved personal protective equipment, approved safety equipment, and other devices necessary to protect employees. There are many types of safety equipment that could be required depending on the type of work done.

Hard hats, safety goggles, face shields and safety belts are just a few common examples of what may be required for the worker’s protection. Respirators may be required if the worker is dealing with a dangerous and/or toxic substances.

The worker may be required to wear coveralls, aprons, gloves, face shields, or other appropriate protective clothing to prevent skin contact. Where protective clothing is required, the employer is required to provide clean garments to you, as necessary, to assure that the clothing protects you adequately.

The failure to provide appropriate safety equipment may result in liability for injuries that could have been prevented with the use of appropriate safety equipment.