5 Warning Signs of New York Medical Malpractice

The earlier you recognize the symptoms of medical malpractice, the earlier you can seek proper medical treatment for yourself or a loved one. As New York medical malpractice lawyers, we encourage everyone to be aware of the following potential signs of medical malpractice and to seek a second opinion if you are at all uneasy about the diagnosis or treatment that you or a loved one is receiving.

The Warning Signs

While the following may or may not be evidence of medical malpractice, they are always worth following up on with a trusted physician. Specifically, you should see a doctor if:
  1. You don't react as expected to treatment. If you don't get better, stabilize, or otherwise react as expected with treatment, then it is possible that you are not receiving the right treatment for your condition. Treatment may include pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries or other medical procedures.
  2. Your symptoms and diagnosis simply don't make sense. As a patient, you are not expected to diagnose yourself. However, if your diagnosis doesn't make any sense given your physical symptoms, your doctor may have failed to diagnose your condition correctly.
  3. Your diagnosis is based solely on one test. If your doctor orders a single lab test without conducting a physical examination, reviewing your medical history or conducting additional tests, then a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose the extent of your condition is possible.
  4. You are not tested at all for a condition that usually requires a test. If your doctor determines that you have cancer, heart disease or another condition that typically requires a test without performing the test, then you should be concerned about a possible misdiagnosis.
  5. Your doctor is dismissive of your concerns, dissuades you from seeking a second opinion or won't answer your questions. This may indicate that your doctor is concerned that you might uncover the truth about your condition.

If you've been the victim of medical malpractice in New York or New Jersey you may have legal rights to damages. Please contact an experienced New York medical malpractice attorney today at 1-800-PAGAN-911 or via our online contact form to discuss your rights.