What a New York Doctor Could’ve Done to Prevent Your Perforated Bowel Injury

Perforated bowel injuries can be deadly. Your doctor or surgical team has at least two chances to prevent you from suffering the serious risk of infection or death created by a perforated bowel. However, if the medical professionals who are treating you fail to exercise reasonable care with regard to your treatment, the results can be catastrophic.

If you have been hurt, or if a loved one has died, because of a medical malpractice injury then you may be entitled to damages. A New York medical malpractice lawyer can help you determine whether or not the injury was caused by medical malpractice and help you recover damages if malpractice was the cause of the injuries.

2 Ways to Prevent a Perforated Bowel Injury

Your surgical team can prevent the injuries associated with a perforated bowel by:
  • Using reasonable care not to perforate the bowel during surgery or procedures such as colonoscopy; 
  • Promptly realizing that a perforation has occurred and treating it immediately so as to avoid infection or other dangerous consequences;
  • If neither of these things occur then the consequences can quickly become fatal.

Contact a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney if You've Been Hurt

If you have been hurt, or if you have lost a loved one, due to a perforated bowel injury, it is important to find out why the injury occurred in the first place and whether your medical team should have discovered and treated the problem. A New York medical malpractice lawyer can help you answer those questions and, if appropriate, get you the legal recovery that you deserve.

Call an experienced New York medical malpractice attorney at The Pagan Law Firm today for more information. We can be reached at 1-800-PAGAN-911 and would be pleased to provide you with a free case evaluation.

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