Are You at Risk for Gestational Diabetes?

Approximately 4% of pregnant women develop gestational diabetes during their pregnancies. Women who develop gestational diabetes did not have diabetes before pregnancy and most will not have diabetes immediately after delivery. However, the hormones present during pregnancy change their ability to tolerate glucose, and high blood sugar levels during pregnancy, or gestational diabetes, can result.

Who's At Risk for Gestational Diabetes?

There are several factors that increase a pregnant woman's chances of developing gestational diabetes. Those factors include:
  • Having had gestational diabetes during a previous pregnancy.
  • Having had a baby that weighed 9 pounds or more.
  • Having had a stillborn baby.
  • A family history of diabetes.
  • Being overweight prior to getting pregnant.
  • Having too much amniotic fluid in the current pregnancy.
  • Being a member of an ethnic group that has a higher incidence of gestational diabetes than the general public. Those groups include African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Asians.

Of course, having one or more of the above factors does not necessarily mean that a woman has, or will develop, gestational diabetes. Additionally, many women develop gestational diabetes without having any of these risk factors. Therefore, in order to diagnose and treat gestational diabetes, a woman must be tested to determine the presence of the condition.

Contact a New York Birth Injury Lawyer if Your Child Was Hurt

When gestational diabetes is properly diagnosed and treated, the risk of birth defects and birth injuries decreases dramatically. Most women are screened for glucose intolerance during the second trimester. If the screening shows the possibility of gestational diabetes then the woman is sent for a more in-depth test.

When gestational diabetes is diagnosed, it can often be controlled through diet, medication and /or insulin. However, a doctor's failure to diagnose gestational diabetes or failure to treat gestational diabetes puts the mother and child at great risk of injury.

If you or your child has been hurt by gestational diabetes that was not appropriately diagnosed or treated, please contact a New York birth injury attorney at 1-800-PAGAN-911 or via our online contact form for more information.

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