Parents and Caregivers: Know These 10 Major Causes of New York Birth Traumas

Do you suspect that your child suffered a devastating birth injury in New York? This article describes ten ways that a child can be hurt during, before, or after labor.


Childbirth is something that is all too often treated like a very minor procedure. Although it is something that is commonplace, it should never be treated with anything but careful watch and caution by the doctors and medical professionals that are attending to the patient. Because of the intricate design of the human body and the fragility of a newborn, the forces of childbirth can put a significant amount of strain on an infant. This distress, when not attended to properly and promptly, can leave the child with traumatic birth injuries.


The New York birth injury lawyers at The Pagan Law Firm are advocates for those innocent children who have sustained serious injuries because of a medical professional's negligent decisions. Possible causes of a New York or New Jersey birth trauma include:


•1. Large baby - If an infant's head or body is too large, it may not fit through the birth canal.

  • 2. Premature baby -Babies who are born earlier than 37 weeks gestation are at a higher risk of birth trauma because they are more fragile than those babies born at full term.
  • 3. Breech delivery - This abnormal presentation, in which the legs or bottom emerge first, can lead to birth injuries as the child is not presenting through the birth canal properly. These types of presentations are usually delivered via cesarean section.
  • 4. Face presentation - There are many dangers to this position, such as facial edema, bruising, respiratory difficulty, and hyperextension injuries to the neck and spine.
  • 5. Fetal laceration at cesarean section - One careless move could cause your baby to be severely cut during a cesarean section.
  • 6. Forceps extraction - The use of forceps or vacuum extraction in order to speed up the delivery may cause unnecessary stress on your child and may result in cuts, bruising and swelling of the baby's head or facial paralysis.
  • 7. Gestational diabetes - Babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes are at an increased risk of problems such as being large for their gestational age, low blood sugar, andjaundice.
  • 8. Hydrocephalus - This is a buildup of excesscerebrospinal fluid in the brain at birth. This extra fluid can increase pressure in the baby's brain, which can lead to brain damage, mental and physical impairments, or death.
  • 9. Shoulder dystocia - Shoulder dystocia is when the baby's head has emerged but the shoulders are stuck behind the mother's pubic bone and the baby cannot be delivered. This may lead to many types of birth injuries, including brachial plexus palsy, clavicle fractures, or death.
  • 10. Medical negligence - Your child could be harmed by any other negligent act of a doctor or medical professional.

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