Is it Possible to Prevent a New York Mother From Suffering a Postpartum Hemorrhage?

The time following delivery of a baby should be one of bonding and rejoicing for a family. Once the baby is born safely, many parents relax, sensing that the danger is over. However, the time following the birth can be critical to the mother's health. If the mother experiences postpartum hemorrhaging, or excessive bleeding, then her life could be at risk. In fact, postpartum hemorrhage is one of the leading causes of maternal death in the world.

Preventing Postpartum Hemorrhage Injuries and Fatalities

Postpartum hemorrhaging occurs for a variety of reasons, some of which can be predicted and others of which cannot be accurately anticipated. However, what can be anticipated is that every new mother is at risk of serious hemorrhaging, and doctors should exercise due care in preventing excessive bleeding.

Specifically, doctors should closely monitor and actively care for mothers in what is often termed the "third stage of labor." This stage of birth comes after labor and after delivery of the baby. It refers to the time during which the mother delivers the placenta. How a doctor should care for a mother during this critical stage of birth depends on the specific patient. However, some common ways to prevent postpartum hemorrhaging include:
  • Administering drugs such as oxytocin
  • Careful clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord
  • Uterine massage
  • Careful examination of the placenta upon delivery to make sure that it has all been delivered
  • Surgery, if necessary
  • Continued monitoring of the mother's bleeding and vital signs for 24 hours or more after delivery.

When to Contact a New York Birth Injury Attorney 

Preventing postpartum hemorrhaging requires doctors to exercise reasonable care. If they fail to exercise that care, then the serious risks associated with maternal hemorrhaging may occur. If you have been hurt, or if you have lost a loved one, due to a postpartum hemorrhage, please contact a New York birth injury lawyer today at 1-800-PAGAN-911.

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