Newborn Seizures – Could a New York Birth Injury Be the Cause?

One minute your child is fine. The next she may be convulsing or rigid, her eyes may be unfocused, and you may wonder if she is breathing. Whether or not you recognize the symptoms of a newborn seizure, the next few minutes are likely terrifying.

Once your child has gotten medical attention and has been diagnosed as having had a seizure, your child's doctor will likely begin looking for the cause of the seizure. For some children, febrile seizures that accompany fevers are common, for example. Other children may be born with a seizure disorder, and still other children may suffer seizures because of a birth injury.

How Can Birth Injury Cause Seizures?

If a baby's brain is deprived of oxygen at birth, future seizures may occur. Many children with cerebral palsy develop seizures. Cerebral palsy often results from a brain injury during pregnancy, birth or infancy. However, it is not just children with cerebral palsy who may suffer from newborn seizures. Any child who was deprived of oxygen due to a medical mistake at birth is potentially at risk.

When to Contact a New York Birth Injury Attorney

If your child had a difficult birth or has been diagnosed with a condition such as cerebral palsy, developmental delays or neurological complications, it is important to be aware of the potential for seizures and to have a qualified doctor, such as a neurologist, make a diagnosis.

If your child's doctor believes that a birth injury may be what is causing your child's seizures, then it is important to contact an experienced New York birth injury lawyer as soon as possible. Your time to recover damages may be limited, and those damages may be important to your child's future.

Please contact an experienced and compassionate New York City birth injury attorney today at 1-800-PAGAN-911 to learn more about your rights and your potential recovery.