New York Birth Injury Lawyer Warns of Protracted Labor Dangers to Moms and Babies

Most parents want a quick and healthy delivery for their child. Labor can be both painful and full of risks for the baby and mother. Therefore, it is with much excitement that many parents anticipate the end of the labor stage and the birth of their baby.

However, as New York birth injury lawyers, we understand that not all births are quick and not all births proceed according to plan. While there is some natural variance in the length of labors, a protracted labor or prolonged labor can lead to serious injury.

When labor is prolonged and a baby is not delivered within a safe time frame, both the baby and the mother are put at risk. The failure to diagnose protracted labor or the failure to treat protracted labor can result in injuries, and a New York birth injury lawyer can help you with your recovery from those injuries.

Potential Protracted Labor Injuries to the Mother

A mother may be at risk of serious injury, or death, because an infection or hemorrhage may develop. The longer a woman is in labor, the more likely it is that she will have an increased number of internal exams, which increase the chances of an infection developing. Likewise, the longer a woman is in labor the more likely it is that her muscles will grow tired and that a hemorrhage will occur.

Potential Protracted Labor Injuries to the Baby

The baby is also at serious risk of injury. Specifically, the baby may be at risk for birth injuries caused by decreased oxygen during labor or delivery, brain damage, shoulder dystocia and bleeding or hemorrhaging.

Contact a New York Birth Injury Attorney if You or Your Child Has Been Hurt

If you or your child has been hurt during a New York or New Jersey birth, it is important to contact a New York birth injury lawyer as soon as possible after the birth to discuss your rights and potential recovery. The New York birth accident attorneys of The Pagan Law Firm can be reached at 1-800-PAGAN-911 for more information.

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