Pitocin Precautions: What Your New York Birth Injury Attorney Wants You to Know About Possible Pitocin Problems

Pitocin may save lives and prevent injuries - unless the mother and baby are not appropriately monitored for possible complications. Often, Pitocin is administered to a mother after her doctor has determined that a delivery induced by Pitocin is less risky than a continued pregnancy. With appropriate monitoring, Pitocin is a useful drug. Without appropriate monitoring, the mother and/or baby can incur serious injuries. If you, or your child, have suffered from Pitocin side effects then you may be entitled to damages. Contact a New York birth injury lawyer for more information about your potential damages.

Potential Pitocin Problems in a Newborn

The most significant risk to a baby is lack of oxygen or fetal distress. A mother's Pitocin induced contractions are different than natural contractions and can lead to decreased blood flow in the uterus, which in turn leads to oxygen deprivation for the baby. Oxygen deprivation can lead to serious and permanent brain injuries including cerebral palsy.

Potential Pitocin Problems for a Mother

Pitocin is not only risky for the child, but it is also risky for the mother. The side effects for the mother may range from relatively mild nausea or headaches to significant high blood pressure, cardiac problems, bleeding problems and allergic reactions to the medication.

Contact a New York Birth Injury Attorney After a Pitocin Injury

Many Pitocin injuries are preventable if the mother and child are appropriately monitored. Pitocin may be discontinued and the baby may be delivered by C-Section if an adverse reaction to Pitocin is recognized. However, the injuries can be significant if medical professionals do not recognize the early signs of a Pitocin complication.

If you or your child has been hurt during a Pitocin birth, please call an experienced New York City birth injury lawyer at 1-800-PAGAN-911 for more information about your rights and potential recovery.

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