Why Your Child’s New York Birth Injury is Not Your Fault

You did everything you could do. You took your prenatal vitamins, you got prenatal treatment, and you followed your doctor's orders. Yet, as a parent it is still normal to feel guilty when your child suffers a birth injury. The important thing to remember is that the birth injury was not your fault - but what happens next is most definitely your responsibility.

Doctors, Not Parents, Typically Cause Birth Injuries

As a mother your job during labor is to push and to follow the instructions of your nurses and doctors.
As a father or partner, your job is to support the baby's mother. It is the job of the doctors and nurses to carefully monitor the mother and baby and to exercise reasonable care in treating the mother and child so as to avoid injury. If that doesn't happen - if a doctor, nurse, midwife, or other medical professional fails to exercise reasonable care - then a serious birth injury could result.

Contacting a New York Birth Injury Attorney and Pursuing a Recovery is Your Responsibility

Your child is too young to understand what has happened to him and how his future has been impacted. He does not yet know that someone else's medical negligence forever changed the course of his life. But you do and you are his legal guardian. That means that it is you, on behalf of your child, who should contact a New York birth injury lawyer to discuss your child's rights and potential recovery.

The experienced New York City birth injury lawyers of The Pagan Law Firm can work with you to make sure that your child's future medical and financial needs are provided for. Our compassionate team of attorneys will zealously advocate for your family's full recovery. Please call one of our New York City birth injury attorneys today at 1-800-PAGAN-911 to learn more and to schedule a free consultation.