3 Signs Your Child’s New York Birth Injury May Have Been Preventable

No one wants to think that their child's birth injury happened because of the negligence of a doctor, a nurse or a hospital. As a parent, it can be emotionally difficult to acknowledge that your child's injury was preventable. However, it is important to your child's financial future that you think back to the time of your labor and delivery and think about whether there were any potential signs of trouble that could have led to our child's New York birth injury.

Did the Following Happen to You?
While the situations described below do not necessarily indicate that your child's birth injury was preventable, they are important to report to your New York birth injury attorney. Specifically, the following may be potential signs that a birth injury occurred because of a medical mistake:
  • You were in labor a long time and then had an emergency C-Section. Sometimes things change suddenly in the delivery room, and no medical mistake is made by allowing a mother to labor and then delivering a baby by emergency C-Section. However, other times a C-Section could have been performed sooner if medical staff took reasonable care in monitoring the laboring mother. In these cases, the delay in ordering the C-Section may have caused the child's birth injury.
  • You were not regularly monitored by a nurse, doctor, or other hospital personnel while you were in labor. While you are in labor a nurse, doctor, or other medical professional should check in with you regularly and keep an eye on your vital signs and baby's heart rate. These factors can help determine if your baby is in distress and whether a quick delivery is necessary.
  • There was a tense and worried atmosphere in the delivery room and no one would answer questions about your baby in the hours after birth. Sometimes a worried atmosphere can have nothing to do with you and everything to do with external factors concerning those treating you. Likewise, the lack of answers to your questions can simply be bad bedside manner. Alternatively, a worried atmosphere and evasive medical personnel could indicate that those treating you and your baby know what went wrong and don't want you to know that anything went wrong.

Why You Should Call a New York Birth Injury Lawyer
A New York medical malpractice lawyer can help you determine whether the factors described above were signs of potential malpractice that led to your child's birth injury. Please call the experienced New York birth injury lawyers of the Pagan Law Firm today at 1-800-PAGAN-911 for more information.

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