8 Questions Your New York Birth Injury Lawyer Wants You to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

There are a lot of internet lists and resources that tell an expecting mom what to pack when it is time to go to the hospital. While our New York birth injury lawyers believe that it is important to pack your own slippers and a coming home outfit for the baby, we also believe that you should pack a list of labor and delivery questions to review with your obstetrician.

The obstetrician who is on call when you go into labor may be different than the doctor whom you normally see. For that reason, we recommend that you include the following list of questions in your hospital bag so that even if you are distracted by pain, you remember to ask:
  1. How long are you on call? Who is coming in next?
  2. How often should someone come to check on me?
  3. When should I call a nurse or doctor between checks? What should I expect in the hours to come and what symptoms could potentially indicate an emergency?
  4. Who is the pediatrician who will examine my baby and how soon after birth will that take place?
  5. Can I meet the anesthesiologist right now to discuss my pain control options even if I don't want anesthesia yet?
  6. Are there any circumstances when my partner or birth coach can't stay with me? Why?
  7. What happens after the birth? How often will you, or an obstetrician from your practice, check on me?
  8. Will any labor and delivery interventions be discussed with me prior to their being performed if there is no immediate danger to me or to my child? 

While these questions can't prevent all New York birth accidents, they may help prevent some serious medical mistakes before they occur.

If your child has already suffered a birth injury, New York law may allow your family to recover damages. Please contact an experienced New York birth injury attorney today at 1-800-PAGAN-911 for more information about your rights and potential recovery.