3 Myths and Truths About Pursuing a New York Birth Injury Claim

If your child has been injured at birth then your family is in a unique situation. Nobody else is facing the same unique birth injury as your child or the same unique situation as your family. Yet, many families have questions about what to do next and often they hear myths from other people. Our New York birth injury attorneys want to help you understand some common myths and truths about New York birth injury recoveries.

Myth #1: You don't need to file a lawsuit for money. Everything will be covered by insurance or public programs.

Truth #1: That is unlikely to be true. Some insurance policies have high deductibles or may not fully cover the services your child needs. Likewise, public services such as special education may provide some help but not the amount of help that you want or that your child needs.

Myth #2: You are only in it to hurt the doctor who caused the injury.

Truth #2: You are in it to benefit your child. This has little, if anything, to do with punishment. While you might want to deter the doctor who hurt your baby, and other doctors, from making similar mistakes in the future, you are unlikely to pursue a lawsuit solely for retribution.

Myth #3: You can't change what happened so it is just greedy to sue.

Truth #3: That is partly true. You can't change what happened, but you can change what happens next. Filing a New York birth injury lawsuit is not about greed. It is about securing your child's future.

To find out more truths about New York birth injury cases, it is important to call an experienced New York birth injury lawyer.

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