Foreseeing Forceps Birth Injuries in New York

It is scary when you hear a doctor say that your baby is in fetal distress and must be delivered quickly. There is often little time to consider your options in a meaningful way because your doctor is talking about interventions, such as forceps, that must be used immediately to protect you or your baby.

While forceps are necessary in some situations and may prevent a baby from suffering oxygen deprivation and resulting injuries, it is important that forceps be used with reasonable care to prevent birth injuries created by the negligent use of forceps.

When Forceps are Used

Forceps are a tong-like instrument with twin blades that allow a doctor to grab hold of a baby's head and aid in the quick delivery of a child. Generally, use of forceps is warranted if there is fetal distress or a complication with the mother that requires a fast delivery of the baby.

In order for forceps to be used, the mother must be fully dilated, the head must be engaged, the membranes must be ruptured, the doctor must be competent in the use of forceps, the pelvic capacity must be sufficient, and adequate facilities and medical support for the mother and child should be available.

Potential Forceps Birth Injuries

When forceps are applied to a baby's head, there are risks. Those risks increase when too much force is applied to the forceps, when the doctor is not well trained in the use of forceps, or when the doctor fails to use reasonable care in a forceps delivery.

Potential injuries to the baby include:
  • Facial nerve damage
  • Brain damage
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Broken bones
  • Bruising

When to Call a New York Birth Injury Attorney

If your child has suffered any of these injuries after a forceps delivery, it is important to call a New York birth injury lawyer to discuss your child's rights.

Your New York injury attorney will review your case and help you protect your child's future. Call 1-800-PAGAN-911 to speak to an experienced New York birth accident lawyer today.