How Giving Birth in New York is Different From Giving Birth in the Movies

Giving birth in the movies often looks like a peaceful and easy job. Even when some concern about the baby's health is staged, it is often short lived and easy to solve.

Real life is not that easy. Below are some ways that giving birth differs from the scenes you've seen in the movies.

In the movies, babies tend to appear quickly with little need for monitoring. In reality, some babies are born quickly while others take much more time and require more extensive monitoring. Monitoring is an important piece of labor that helps protect the child, and the mother, that is often left out of Hollywood scripts.

In the movies, concerns about a baby are noticed, and treated, quickly. In reality, concerns about the baby should be noticed and treated quickly. However, sometimes they are not. Sometimes, doctors and nurses do not recognize a problem that a reasonably prudent medical professional would recognize and treat. The failure to recognize or treat a baby in distress can result in a birth injury.

In the movies, mistakes are generally not made that result in permanent birth injuries. In reality, some babies are hurt by medical negligence. New York birth injuries can occur when a mistake is made and the results can impact your child for the rest of his or her life.

In reality, you need a New York birth injury attorney if you believe that a medical mistake resulted in your child's injury. A New York birth injury lawyer will review your case with you and advise you of your legal rights and potential recovery.

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