What the Government Wants to Know About Truckers in New York and Around the Country

It is not always easy to become a commercial truck driver. Commercial truck drivers are required to go through extensive screening processes before driving tractor-trailers. In addition to passing a licensing exam, most commercial drivers also need to pass medical exams and drug tests. And they need to have good driving records.

Now the FMCSA Wants To Know Even More About Truckers

Last month, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced that it was seeking approval for a new study that would "investigate the differences among the characteristics of individual commercial drivers."

The FMCSA believes the study would provide useful new information to improve screening processes and thereby put safer drivers on the road. Some of the things the FMCSA wants to learn about include:
  • Demographic characteristics such as marital status and education.
  • Trucking history, including previous experience and training. The questions in this area are specific and include inquiries about estimated hours of nighttime driving and seat belt use.
  • Life experiences. This section includes 41 different questions aimed at getting to know more about the degree to which different events may have affected a trucker. Things like how much a trucker likes his work, is influenced by racial conflict, gets along with his in-laws, gossips, cares about his personal appearance and handles modern technology are all included.
  • Personal behavior such as tobacco use, sleep habits, diet and exercise.
  • Personality assessment. This 50-question component asks truckers to agree or disagree with certain statements such as, "I am the life of the party," and, "I get stressed out easily."
  • Danger driving index. This section asks the trucker to identify whether he drives when he is upset, verbally insults other drivers, uses his truck aggressively and other factors.

Will This Information Help Prevent Future New York Truck Accidents?

Our New York accident lawyers hope the information gathered by the FMCSA helps to improve screening processes for commercial truck drivers and create a safer environment on our roads. However, we know that no amount of screening will result in a utopia free of truck crashes.

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*Source: thetrucker.com, FMCSA Looks for Link Between Personality, Crashes, October 5, 2011