Fighting New York Distracted Driving on Four Fronts

Most of us know that distracted driving is a problem in New York. Driving with a cell phone, texting and driving, and other distractions result in serious, sometimes fatal, accidents. The question becomes, what do we do with that knowledge? How do we prevent New York distracted driving accidents from happening?

A recent report from the Governor's Highway Safety Association (GHSA) addressed what the current research shows and what states and others can do about distracted driving. The report found that no one law, policy or preventative measure is likely to be effective in preventing distracted driving accidents. Instead, the GHSA recommends that:
  • States Fight Distracted Driving by: 
    • Continuing to implement roadway distracted driving countermeasures such as the rumble strips that alert drivers that they are crossing the center line or going off the road.
    • Enacting texting while driving bans.
    • Collecting and recording distracted driving data so that further analysis can be done about crashes and how to prevent them.
    • Monitoring the impact of handheld cell phone bans and, if a handheld cell phone ban is already passed in the state, as it is in New York, enforcing the law.
    • Publicizing and educating about existing distracted driving laws.
    • Evaluating other distracted driving laws and programs.
  • Companies Fight Distracted Driving by: considering distracted driving policies for their employees and evaluating the success of those polices.
  • The Automobile Industry Fight Distracted Driving by: developing and testing ways for drivers to manage various distractions and to warn drivers of potential problems.
  • The Federal Government Fight Distracted Driving by: helping states evaluate distracted driving programs, collecting data on distracted driver collisions, and developing and conducting public awareness campaigns to fight distracted driving.

Even with a four front attack, New York distracted driving crashes will still occur and you may need help.

An experienced New York accident attorney can provide you with a free consultation about your legal rights and potential recovery. To learn more, please contact a New York accident lawyer today at 1-800-PAGAN-911.

*Source: Governors Highway Safety Association, Distracted Driving, What Research Shows and What States Can Do