What is Really Causing New York City Car Accidents?

New data released by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) show just how dangerous it is to drive in the City and what is causing the danger.

According to the NYPD, there was an average of 541 motor vehicle accidents in New York City every day of August 2011.*

August 2011 New York City Accident Statistics

Of the 16,784 New York City crashes that occurred in August 2011*, the police report that:
  • 1,877, or 11%, were caused by driver inattention. Driver inattention includes talking on a cell phone while driving, texting and driving, checking email while driving, and other distractions. Only five of the 1,877 driver inattention crashes were specifically attributed to cell phone use. The vast majority were in the more general driver inattention category, which may or may not include cell phone use.
  • 1,033 accidents involved cabs, with about two thirds of New York City cab crashes occurring in Manhattan.
  • 812 accidents were caused by tailgating, or drivers following the vehicle in front of them too closely.
  • 629 wrecks occurred because drivers failed to yield the right of way as required by law.
  • 197 accidents were found to be caused by speeding.
  • 19 crashes were blamed on the behavior of a passenger.
  • 15 people were killed, including 6 drivers, 3 passengers, 3 bicyclists and 3 pedestrians.

August 2011 was the first month that the NYPD was required to make major crash data public. As future months' data is made public it may be possible to notice trends and take specific action targeted at helping make New York City streets safer.

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*Source: Drivers Who Talk and Text on Phone are Major Danger, NYPD's Crash Stats Show, by Reuven Blau, NewYorkDailyNews.com, October 17, 2011