What You Should Know Before You Text and Drive in New York

You saw the public service announcements. You obey the New York distracted driving law. Yet, your life has been changed by one person who decided to text and drive. Whether you suffered the physical pain of your own injuries, the emotional pain of losing a loved one, or the financial pain of a crash, a New York texting and driving accident has significantly impacted your life and you may be entitled to damages.

Texting and Driving is Dangerous

There are many forms of distracted driving. Yet, texting and driving is often what we think of when we consider distracted driving accidents, because texting and driving requires drivers to:
  • Take their eyes off of the road to look at their texts
  • Take their hands off the wheel to type their texts
  • Take their concentration off of safe driving while they consider their texting conversations

Texting and Driving is Against the Law in New York

Article 33 § 1225 of the Consolidated Laws of New York prohibits texting and driving, along with many other forms of distracted driving. Currently, texting and driving is a secondary offense in New York and a driver may only be ticketed for the offense if the driver also committed a primary offense (such as speeding). The consequence for texting and driving in New York is currently a fine of $150 and 2 points on the driver's license.

As of May 2011, legislation is currently pending in the New York state legislature that would make texting and driving a primary offense.

Texting and Driving Victims Need a New York Accident Lawyer

If you have been hurt lost a loved one because another driver was texting and driving, it is important to contact a New York car accident attorney as soon as possible after your crash. Your lawyer will conduct a full investigation into your accident and, if appropriate, use evidence of texting as proof that the other driver did not exercise a reasonable degree of care and that, as a result, you were injured or your loved one was killed.

For more information about how a New York accident attorney might be able to help you after a texting and driving crash, please contact The Pagan Law Firm at 1-800-PAGAN-911.