Can a New York Car Be Child-Proofed for Your Teenager?

It seems like just yesterday that you could protect your child by putting in outlet covers and gating the stairs. There were dangers lurking everywhere for your toddler, who was busy exploring his new mobile independence.

Those days may be long gone, but now are you are in a different position of having to keep your newly independent teenage driver safe from danger. Is it as easy as covering the outlets? Is there a way to "teen-proof" your child's car?

New Technology May Help Keep New York Teen Drivers Safe

Some car manufacturers are trying to find a way to do just that. Currently, technology exists that allows a parent to*:
  • Set the maximum speed a car can travel.
  • See where the car is at all times.
  • Set the maximum volume on the radio.
  • Mute the radio completely if the driver's seat belt is not buckled.
  • Get a voice or text message if a child is out past curfew.
  • Disable texting on a cell phone while a car is moving.

Each year many New York teens are injured or killed in New York car accidents. For these children there are no second chances. The horror of being in an accident, or worse, the permanent damage done by a car accident, is not reversible. The best way to protect your child is to prevent the accident in the first place.

When to Call a New York Accident Lawyer

However, that is not always possible. Even if your teen is the most conscientious driver in the City, other drivers may cause accidents and hurt or kill your child. If your child has been hurt in a New York or New Jersey car accident, it is important to get help quickly. Please contact an experienced New York accident attorney today at 1.800.PAGAN.911 for more information and to schedule a free consultation.

*Source: Can a Car be Teen-Proof? by John Brandon,, August 9, 2011