What New York City Employers Must Do to Keep Scaffold Workers Safe

As a construction worker, you know that you are potentially in danger each and every time you work on a scaffold. However, do you know what New York City construction employers are required to do to protect you and what to do if you've been hurt?

Our New York accident lawyers recognize that your work is dangerous, but believe that the danger does not negate your employer's responsibilities, nor does it limit your possible recovery.

What Your Employer Should Have Done Before Your Scaffolding Accident

Your employer is required to:
  • Inspect supported and suspended scaffolds at least daily and record the results of the inspection. The inspection results should be kept in a log that is on site and available to you.
  • Provide a safety harness and other appropriate safety equipment for scaffold workers.
  • Make sure scaffolds are appropriately assembled and installed.
  • Make sure scaffold employees have completed the required training.
  • Have a qualified foreman or licensed rigger on site while work is being completed.

What You Should Do After Your Scaffolding Accident

After you get the emergency medical care that you need for your injuries, it is important to contact an experienced New York accident attorney. An experienced New York construction accident attorney can investigate your accident and determine whether your employer should have taken additional steps to keep you safe and prevent your accident.

Additionally, your New York construction accident lawyer will advocate for your full recovery of fair and appropriate damages. Often this is accomplished through a negotiated settlement, though our experienced attorneys will take your case to trial if necessary to make sure your rights are protected.

For more information, please contact one of our New York City accident attorneys at 1-800-PAGAN-911 for a free consultation about your rights and potential recovery.

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