5 Ways a New York Construction Employer Could Prevent a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury can be life changing for both the victim and the victim's family. Depending on the severity of the injury and the part of the brain that was hurt, a physical recovery may only be possible with the help of expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation therapy. Or a full physical recovery may not be possible at all.

Either way a brain injury victim is likely to need expensive care. If you, or a loved one, have suffered a brain injury due to the negligence of a construction employer, it is important to contact a New York accident attorney because you may be entitled to damages.

How a Traumatic Brain Injury May Have Been Prevented

Many construction brain injuries are caused by slip and fall accidents, falls from equipment and incidents when a person's head is hit by a piece of equipment. These accidents may have been avoidable if an employer had:
  • Cleaned Up Debris
  • Followed Safety Protocols
  • Checked Equipment for Safety
  • Trained Employees
  • Ensured That Everyone Wore Hard Hats

Call a New York Accident Lawyer if You've Been Injured

Once an accident occurs, it often takes hard work to reverse the harm that has been done. For construction brain injury victims this often requires medical treatment and rehabilitation therapy. Thus, an injured construction worker may not only incur bills for medical and rehabilitation costs, but also for other out-of-pocket costs at a time when he is unable to work and suffers lost wages.

If a worker's brain injury is due to the negligence of his employer, then a New York construction accident lawyer will work hard to help the worker recover damages for medical and rehabilitation expenses, out-of-pocket costs, lost income and pain and suffering.

For more information, please call a New York injury lawyer at 1-800-PAGAN-911.

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