Should a C-Section Have Been Performed if My Baby was in Fetal Distress?


A: Maybe. If your child was experiencing signs of fetal distress during your pregnancy, labor or delivery, then, at the very least, you and your child should have been closely monitored by your doctor or medical team. In many cases it is reasonable and prudent to at least consider a C-section if the symptoms of fetal distress occur during late pregnancy, labor or delivery. A properly preformed and timely C-section can prevent the baby from being denied oxygen or from suffering from other types of birth injuries.

If your child has suffered a birth injury after fetal distress, our New York fetal distress injury attorneys will investigate what happened. If our investigation reveals that a C-section was delayed and that as a result your baby's fetal distress resulted in a birth injury, then a Manhattan birth injury attorney from our office will advise you of your rights and potential recovery.

Please contact one of our experienced New York City birth injury lawyers at 1-800-PAGAN-911 if your child has suffered a fetal distress birth injury in New York or New Jersey.

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