My teenager was a passenger in a friend's car when the friend caused a New York car accident. My teen values the friendship and is reluctant to sue, but the medical bills are piling up. What can I do?


A: A passenger in a New York auto accident may have the right to sue and pursue legal damages from the driver who caused the crash. You may try to explain the situation to your child so that your child understands that the damages which your child may be able to collect are not necessarily coming out of the pocket of his friend or his friend's family.

Instead, the damages are likely to be paid by the driver's insurance company. Our New York accident lawyers are sympathetic to personal relationships that may make it uncomfortable to pursue a legal settlement. At the same time we believe that the injured party (and his parents) should not have to bear the financial burden for someone else's negligence. Accordingly, we will balance the personal concerns with your family's legal rights and help you pursue a just and fair recovery.

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