I walk and ride my bike a lot in New York City. As a New York accident lawyer, do you have any advice on how best to plan a safe route? Are some locations more dangerous for me than others?


A: New York City pedestrian accidents and bike crashes can happen anywhere at any time. There is no route that a New York accident attorney can give you that can eliminate the risk of suffering a serious accident injury or fatality.

However, Transportation Alternatives, a not-for-profit group that advocates for the safety of bicyclists, pedestrians and public transit users in New York City, recently released a new website that will provide you with statistics on bike and pedestrian accidents on specific New York City streets.

According to the group, the most dangerous spot for New York pedestrians over the past 15 years has been in Murray Hill at the intersection of Park Ave and 33rd Street. The most dangerous spot for New York bikers has been at E. Houston Street and the Bowery.

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