I suffered from vasa previa while pregnant and my child was stillborn. Could the vasa previa and my child's death be related? Could a medical mistake have been made? Do I need a New York birth injury lawyer?


A: Unfortunately, there is a significant correlation between vasa previa and a stillborn birth when a mother is allowed to have a vaginal delivery. According to the March of Dimes, more than half of babies born with this condition are stillborn if the vasa previa is not diagnosed until delivery.

In many cases, vasa previa can be diagnosed well before delivery by an ultrasound. If vasa previa is present, many doctors will deliver the child by C-section at around 35 weeks to significantly decrease the risk of death.

If you were diagnosed with vasa previa and you lost your child, it is possible that a medical mistake occurred. It is important to contact an experienced and compassionate New York birth injury attorney at 1-800-PAGAN-911. We will fight for justice on your behalf and make sure that your legal rights are protected after your unimaginable loss.