I had pregnancy complications and my child suffered a birth injury. Should my New York obstetrician have sent me to a high-risk specialist?


A: Maybe. If you had a condition that could complicate your pregnancy, you had previous difficult pregnancies, or children born with birth injuries, then it is possible that your regular obstetrician should have referred you to a perinatologist or maternal fetal medicine specialist.

Some conditions that may require a perinatologist, maternal fetal medicine specialist, or other high risk specialist include high blood pressure, diabetes, cervical insufficiency, and preterm labor. Of course, every pregnancy is unique, and our New York birth injury attorneys can't say for certain whether your obstetrician should've referred you to a high-risk specialist.

We can, however, say with certainty that we will spare no reasonable expense in investigating your case and pursuing justice on your behalf if your child has suffered a birth injury. New York children, and their families, deserve the very best start possible, and if a doctor's medical negligence caused an injury, we will do our best to get damages for you.

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