How Long is Too Long to Be in Labor?


A: Our New York birth injury lawyers understand that babies don't arrive according to any set schedule. Some mothers deliver babies quickly after going into active labor and some mothers don't deliver for many hours. There is a wide range of normal labor lengths.

Yet, there does come a time when labor has gone on too long and presents serious risks for the mother and child. Protracted labor or prolonged labor is typically defined as lasting more than 18-24 hours. Women who are in labor longer than that are at greater risk for infection, hemorrhaging, and other complications. Their children are at greater risk of suffering from fetal distress or lack of oxygen, which can result in permanent brain damage and other birth injuries.

If the mother or baby is showing potential signs of injury before 18 hours, then the labor for that mother may have already gone on too long.

If you, or your child, have been hurt by a prolonged labor, you may be entitled to damages. Contact a New York birth injury attorney at 1-800-PAGAN-911 for a free consultation about your case.